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Dental Disease is the Biggest Health Issue for Dogs

Dental disease is the no. 1 health issue in dogs.
It can not only can it wreak havoc on your dog's mouth, but it can also impact the heart, liver and kidneys. Yikes!

Don't worry; we are here to help.

Our Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental products are easy, natural solutions that fights and removes plaque, freshens breath and supports healthy gums in only 15 seconds. Smooch approved.

P.S. If you don't love it, send it back for a full refund.

How it works

Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental Powder

Sprinkle and DONE dental powder.

Easy way to help keep your dog’s mouth healthy, fresh and clean between vet cleanings. No toothbrush required.  

Just top your dog's food with a few shakes. 

What our customers are saying

I gave the powder to my dog about a month ago. Her gums were swollen and red. I now see a huge difference and has fresher breath, too. She loves the taste, and I just put on her dry food. Definitely buying again.

-- Kelsey A.  

Our dog’s teeth have improved very much after using your product. One of our dogs hate getting his teeth brushed. I’ve noticed that the staining has even disappeared on it. He has had to get his teeth cleaned two years in a row by the vet and she could not get it removed. They both love the chews.

-- Paul T.

Our dog loves the kit. It’s INSANE. As soon as I open up the powder for her food, Koa will run across the room to eat her food. She also enjoys the sticks. Her kisses don’t smell as bad as well, which is good for the entire family.

-- Erin W. 

100% natural ingredients formulated by a veterinarian who cares about your dog (just like you)

The Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental line includes healthy ingredients like...


Supports healthy gums while stopping bacteria that causes plaque


Balances out the healthy bacteria in the mouth.


Freshens breath and cleanses the mouth


Simple way to keep your dog’s mouth healthy.

Avoid the hassle of trying to brush your dog’s teeth. Just sprinkle the yummy Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental Powder on your dog’s food and give them a Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental Stick in between meals. That’s it.

Gum disease is a HUGE health problem you need to worry about.

Nearly all dogs have gum disease by age 4. Dental disease can not cause bad breath, mouth pain and teeth issues but also affect the liver, kidney and heart. Thankfully, it can be controlled.

Our products provide triple-action solutions.

Our powerful Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental products are miracle workers. They remove and fight plaque, heal gums and freshen breath. And it is so easy!