Felpa Dog Cushion in Faux Fur Anthracite

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Nothing beats the soft luxury of faux fur – and the Felpa dog cushion from MiaCara is no exception. Silky smooth and beautiful to the touch, the Felpa cover is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Perfect for dogs that love to snuggle up and feel warm, the cushion has been specially designed to provide the utmost support to your dog. A pre-formed hollow in the middle of the cushion supports the natural curvature of the dog’s body, allowing he back and spine to be cradled in the hollow while the heads rest comfortably on the slightly higher outer edge.

  • Luxury faux fur provides the ultimate snuggle bed 
  • Supportive cushion, with pre-formed hollowed middle 
  • Neutral colors compliment both your hound and your home 
  • Both the inner cushion and cover are machine washable 
  • Made in Germany


Small: 31.5”x23.5”x4”
Medium: 39”x23.5”x5”
Large: 47.25”x35.5”x5”

Care Instructions

Faux Fur Cover: 83% Acrylic/17% Polyester
Inner cushion: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester 
Foam Filling: 100% Polyurethan 

Inner cushion should be washed on gentle wash cycle. The cushion lining is made of extremely soft, open cell foam. To ensure longevity, the cushion should be maintained and cleaned accordingly. Launder the inner cushion with a mild detergent. We do not recommend that you use chlorinated and chemically aggressive washing products. A brownish discoloration of the foam cannot be avoided but has no effect on the quality of the foam. After washing and rinsing, please remove as much water as possible with the spin cycle. The inner cushion is best air-dried on a rack. It can also be tumble dried, but please avoid over-drying. Please plump up the inner cushion regularly, so that it retains its fullness and shape. 

The faux fur pillow cover can be washed on a gentle cycle or can be dry-cleaned. To ensure the fur stays fluffy and soft over time, shake it out after washing and leave it on a rack to air dry. Please do not put into the dryer. For easy cleaning in between washes, simply vacuum the surface of the cover with an upholster.

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Meet The Creator


Made in Germany, MiaCara’s style is both luxurious and sensible. The founders wanted to create a dog line that provides the perfect combination of elegant design and practical function. They are high quality, timeless modern and durable.