WagWellies Dog Rubber Rain and Winter Booties in Ebony Black

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Rainy days don’t mean you need to skip your dog walk. Our dog rain booties, or WagWellies, from New York City brand Wagwear make a rainy or snowy walk manageable for your pup. Made of 100% rubber, the slip-on boots have open-vented slits, making it simple to slide on your pup’s paws. The rubbery material ensures the dog rain boots will stay secure, even when your dog is running. It’s the perfect paw protection for rainy or cold weather.

  • 100% rubber
  • Easy to slide on
  • Fits snuggle on paws
  • Used for rainy or snowy weather
  • Can take a while to adjust
  • Available in 7 sizes


For most accurate fit, put your dog’s paw on a piece of paper. Measure the back of the rear paw pad and the tip of the longest claw.

XXS: for paws up to 1.5" long, 1.5" width (approx. 5-12 lbs)
XS: for paws up to 2" long, 1.75" width (approx. 12-25 lbs)
S: for paws up to 2.5" long, 2" width (approx. 25-32 lbs)
M: for paws up to 3" long, 2.25" width (approx. 32-47 lbs)
L: for paws up to 3.5" long,  2.5" width (approx. 47-65 lbs)
XL: for paws up to 4" long, 2.75" (approx. 65-90 lbs)
XXL: for paws up to 4.25" long, 3" (approx. 80 + lbs)


Keep in mind, it can take dogs a while to adjust to wearing booties. When you first put them on, you may notice the “high step,” as the boots can throw off your dog’s coordination because he no longer can feel the ground surface. It may take a bit of adjustment – both inside and outside.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Tina Anderson
Great Dane booties

Extremely happy with the booties! They are going to protect my dog's feet in winter and summer and they are so cute. Thank you so very much!!!

Geri Frazier
Great little booties

I liked how they open real wide so I could get my dogs paws in there.

Blair Shearer
Super cute!

These are the cutest EVER! But honestly not very practical at least for my bigger more active dogs. They lasted about a minute before the Velcro came apart from the rubber and they were able to get it loose. Nothing on company I just got to remember that for my Danes its more for a funny picture and that's all. As for my Yorkie.....we can wear all day if we want to:)

Wanda Bailie
Not a good fit for handicapped pet

Purchased for dog that drags rear right foot. She is able to get it dragged to point of boot being on backwards right away and within 10 minutes she has dragged the Velcro loose and boot and sock off, dragging foot directly on ground or floor which skins it up causing infections. She also go the boot on the normal foot twisted sideways in a matter of minutes but I'm sure that is because of her abnormal gait because of birth defect foot/leg.

Anne D.
Fantastic booties!

We bought these booties in size XL for our two year old, 86 lb. Golden Retriever, which is a perfect fit. He drags his back feet a bit on our faster paced long walks, which wears his nails down to the quick and causes bleeding, so we wanted a bootie to protect his paws. I was worried he wouldn’t tolerate wearing the booties, and I was also worried they wouldn’t be durable enough to withstand our 3 mile walks 2-3 times a week without getting worn down very quickly. I had nothing to be concerned about! He adapted to them right away- hardly any fuss at first and now he isn’t phased at all when we put them on. The booties are so easy to get on and off, and they are very light weight and breathable. After many miles in these booties, there is literally no sign of them wearing down! Highly recommend these booties!

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